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Very helpful in finding a buyer for a lot we wanted to sell. We tried to sell it on our own to no avail. JoAnn knew exactly what was needed. She had many contacts and was able to generate interest in this lot.



Very professional, and on point. Full of knowledge with real estate. Communication is a 10++! This is our second time using Joann, and would use her for a third if ever needed!



We were referred to JoAnn from another satisfied customer. JoAnn was very helpful in selling my mothers home. She was knowledgeable and offered good advice on how to get the house sold quickly. We were actually able to sell it in 3 days and everything went smoother than expected. She was very accessible and returned calls/emails on a timely basis. I would definitely refer her when buying/selling a home.

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JoAnn is the best of the best! She is very knowledgeable, informative and realistic. She truly works for you and makes sure you get what you need (& then some)! She is very personable and is always there when you need her. My husband and I started the process of moving half way across the country and buying a house just a day or two before things shut down due to COVID 19. Even during these uncertain times she helped us jump through so many hoops to close on time and made it such a smooth process. I would reccomend JoAnn to absolutely everyone and county speak more highly of her. We couldn't be happier with her or our new home!



Joann is very knowledgeable and kind hearted. She quickly got answers to our questions and concerns. She allowed us to see the home in a timely manner. She met with us according to our schedule. She was on time and professional.

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We had the pleasure of working with JoAnn during our relocation to the Pittsburgh area. Throughout, JoAnn was an invaluable resource for us as we explored our options. We ultimately decided to purchase a lot and to build a home designed for our specific needs. JoAnn offered spot-on recommendations, helpful insight, and professional guidance in an engaging and professional manner. We were out of state during the time our lot purchase was being finalized but never felt any concerns as we had the utmost confidence in JoAnn’s ability to help guide the process and to represent our best interests. We also appreciated her suggestions for builders to consider and was impressed by her ability to understand what was valuable to us. We would highly recommend JoAnn to anyone considering a new home or lot purchase in the Pittsburgh area.



JoAnn was amazing to work with. She made the entire process so easy for me as the seller. Would highly recommend working with her and I definitely will again in the future. She's the best

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JoAnn was the best. She was such a help getting our house in the best shape for the best sale for us. She knows exactly what to do and helped us do it as well! I trusted her immensely and if we move back would definitely call on her!She worked so professionally yet personally for us. I'd recommend her to all!



JoAnn is absolutely top notch. While there are a number of agents available in the real estate world, you would be selling yourself short if you pass on the opportunity to work with JoAnn. Our process consisted of months of simply watching the market and seeing what was out there. At no point was there any rush, and she was available for any questions in a very timely manner. Our family went from just looking, to "need to visit homes TOMORROW" very quickly. JoAnn was beyond up to the task, scheduling showings in rocket fast time, and accommodating the various schedules of everyone in our family. We had 30 days to close, and we signed papers at day 28. You will also be hard pressed to find an agent with the exceptional resources that she has as well, from mortgage brokers, to painters willing to come in and paint your daughter's room pink an hour after closing. Our family was connected through a referral, and we could not be happier. Therefore, we enthusiastically recommend JoAnn for all of your real estate transaction needs!



Dawn Kittlemann of the JoAnn Echtler team was informative, patient, and kind. Her professionalism was impressive, but she was also down-to-earth and friendly, making working with her a breeze. She made our first time home buying experience an enjoyable process that we learned a lot during, and her help was something we are incredibly grateful for. She worked hard for myself as the client, and ensured that our home buying goals were realistic and attainable. We loved working with Dawn, and when it comes time for us to go through the process again, she will be the first call I make. I would recommend Dawn to anyone who is in the process of buying a home without a second thought, and I will refer people to her for years to come!

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My boyfriend and I bought our first house with the help of JoAnn. There is not enough we can say about how amazing she made the entire experience. I went into the process not knowing much. She took the time to really explain and teach us the things to look for and what to avoid. She happily answered all of our texts and calls no matter how simple the question or request was. She was professional and efficient. She made sure we had the chance to look at every house we wanted to no matter how much notice we gave. The whole process was easy and flawless. She truly cared about us getting exactly what we wanted while still getting a great deal on price. Joann clearly cares about her buyers and sellers and goes above and beyond. We would chose her as a realtor over and over again and would recommend her to anyone who asked. You can’t go wrong with JoAnn and her team.



My boyfriend and I bought our first house with the help of JoAnn. There is not enough we can say about how amazing she made the entire experience. I went into the process not knowing much. She took the time to really explain and teach us the things to look for and what to avoid. She happily answered all of our texts and calls no matter how simple the question or request was. She was professional and efficient. She made sure we had the chance to look at every house we wanted to no matter how much notice we gave. The whole process was easy and flawless. She truly cared about us getting exactly what we wanted while still getting a great deal on price. Joann clearly cares about her buyers and sellers and goes above and beyond. We would chose her as a realtor over and over again and would recommend her to anyone who asked. You can’t go wrong with JoAnn and her team.

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JoAnn was amazing and helped me sell my home. She is honest and responsive. She is much more than a real estate agent and gives 110% to helping you and your family. I would highly recommend her to anyone looking to buy or sell a home.

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JoAnn was an absolute pleasure to work with. Very professional and has a lot of experience with relocation packages. We would have been lost without her expertise.

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Absolutely always at the top of her game. She is very professional and absolutely the best choice. She communicates very well with both her clients and other realtors which can make the whole process much easier.She is a hard worker and put a lot of time into doing what it takes to get the job done!



Ours was an estate sale after the passing of my mom. JoAnn was sensitive to the difficulty of selling a family home unexpectedly. She gave great advice on how to prep the house for sale and then staged it perfectly! She did great research on comparable homes and helped us price ours exactly right. It was sold in less than 2 days. JoAnn is easy to get a hold of and answered all of our questions through the whole process. Great job JoAnn!



JoAnn was absolutely awesome! She was honest, easy to communicate with, and was there every step of the way. She was quick to respond if we did not get in touch with her right away. She’s very knowledgeable about the area as well. We would 1,000% recommend JoAnn.



My mother is one of the most caring, loving and hardworking people I have ever gotten the pleasure to work with when I decided I was going to move out of her basement and find a house of my own. Her last son to move out of the house at 25, and she jumped at the chance to help. We viewed house after house, all over southwestern Pennsylvania. Multiple offers, multiple failures and she still was ready to go look at houses as soon as they hit the market. I never have seen her work so hard, fix things so quickly and smile the whole time while doing it. Its as though she wanted me to leave. We eventually found a house, in a nice neighborhood close enough to my mother that if grandchildren ever happened, she could be there to help at a moments notice. I still can’t thank her enough for everything she did for me. Growing up with a mother in this business can be hard. I used to go to the office with her as a child and crawl under her desk, at that time she was a graphic designer. I spend days upon days helping her while she was there, preparing mailers and scanning papers and that whole time she was still able to do her job and care for her children. Once I went to college, she had more time on her hands and less children to deal with so she decided to try her hand at selling real estate. I met a woman at my summer job that needed to sell her old house but didn’t know what to do or how to start. I let my mother know that a coworker was looking to sell and it eventually became her first sale. The house was probably the hardest sale of her career. She spent months working with the owner, going to multiple showing, taking pictures and gaining the trust of the sellers. Once that house sold it was a turning point for her, and I learned that she is good at what she does and puts ever ounce of her soul into each sale. After I came back from college, I continued my residence with my mother. The terms “Rent” and “Go to bed” were thrown around quite often and I couldn’t figure out why my mother didn’t like to be up with me until 1am. We bonded over misplaced items and missing snacks, wondering who in the world drank the last Fresca. I still could not believe how quickly she was able to contact other agents to view houses. It was simply astounding. But what I did realize when I came home was how hard she worked to help all her new clients. As a kid I know you don’t really understand how much a parent cares for you until you are older and more appreciative. I may have been done with college, but my mother still had to pay for my housing because she wanted me to be safe and get a good education. She made payments for me while I was at college off the houses she sold, she became good at what she does and instead of basking in the glory of cashflow, she helped me. She still drives the same 2015 Honda she bought on finance because she was paying for me through 5 years of college, and drives it to this day. She cares more about her loved ones than materialistic items, or having the latest fashion. She raises goats, and chickens, caring more about those she can help live better lives than her having her best life. I have been around her some nights where she doesn’t come home until 11 o’clock because she was out taking her clients to houses all over the north hills. She’s fallen asleep on the couch in full work attire as soon as she sits down and I have to force her to walk to her room. She has missed parts of parties, vacations, and holidays just so she can help someone else find the house of their dreams.I have owned my house for a month now and my mother still fields my phone calls like I am looking to buy. Everyone has issues with their first house, things break, are misplaced or just lost to the world. But she helps me through them all, finding me contacts, tools or people who know what is going on that can help. She brings and picks up tools I rent from my stepfather, delivering smiles and hugs every time. She would do anything to help me at any time, and I know she would do the same for any client that needed a new house to raise their family. If you would ever need someone to help you buy or sell the next house of your dreams, and give every d*mn piece of their soul to make it happen, my mother would be more than happy help you in any way she can. She has done so much for me through all my years, and I know she would do the same for you. Her business is helping people first, and that is all she cares about. She is the best mother anyone could ever ask for and I lover her so much. Thank you mom, for everything you do for me.



Being a first time seller, I had my doubts about the entire process. JoAnn eased my mind after our first meeting. Her local knowledge of the area provided an insight that priced our house at a favorable price point. She was accessible 24/7 and the she made entire process painless. She is the best and so would recommend her over and over again

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JoAnn is the best. Period. She knows this area, she knows the market, and she knows how to prepare a home for sale. Photos are professionally taken and house is staged to show it's best features. She uses social media to get the word out and makes beautiful color brochures for buyers! She was wonderful through the entire process and make sure we remained calm throughout! I would recommend her to anyone and everyone!



Joanne was amazing! We were first time home buyers and she took the time to make sure we understood everything, as well as had our best interest at heart and made sure we did not purchase something we would regret. Her kindness, patience, experience, and knowledge makes her a great choice! My entire family uses her! I would recommend her to anyone!!!

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Joann was a pleasure to work with. This was our first time buying a home and she was extremely helpful throughout the entire process. She answered any questions we had and she was extremely responsive for anything we needed. She has so much knowledge about the home buying process and she was able to answer any question we had without hesitation. She was able to help us found the home we were dreaming of! I would recommend that anyone work with Joann.



We sold our home of 33 years to move closer to our son. Needless to say we were looking for a specific type of home of high quality. Yes we were picky buyers. Without JoAnn I wouldn't be sitting in our new "perfect" home writing this review. She's phenomenal and knows the market. JoAnn cares about meeting her clients needs. She doesn't waste your time and puts 100% effort into finding you the perfect home. If you want an agent who is a professional, who focuses on what you want and need in a home then JoAnn is your agent!! We know she's the best and that's what we wanted in a real estate agent. We have no reservations in highly recommending JoAnn to a seller or buyer. No doubt she'll sell your home quickly and/or find you the "perfect" home.



From listing to closing - 60 days total! JoAnn sold my MIL’s home, our home and is getting ready to list my FIL’s home. She helped us get each home ready for sale, choose the right sales price, and do everything we needed for closing. We wouldn’t work with anyone else. Thank you, JoAnn, for all you do!



Five stars doesn't do JoAnn justice. We'd give her ten stars if we could. We were looking for a house in Pittsburgh from 800 miles away and needed to use our time wisely. We got lucky in meeting her at the first place we looked at, and couldn't have been more pleased. Her combination of area knowledge, professionalism, and understanding of what we were looking for--which she figured out probably before we were quite sure about it--were invaluable. JoAnn was willing to show us anything we were interested in, but still managed to keep us from wasting our time with subtle commentary like "I'd be glad to show you that one, as long as you're okay with no garage, no street parking, and the apparent crack house next door....." Once we found the house we wanted to make an offer on--in a neighborhood that she knew well and recommended--she was deft in advising us on local real estate standards, inspections, documentation, etc. I'm a lawyer, but was not familiar with many local peculiarities. JoAnn was, and we benefited tremendously. She was helpful in negotiations, the mine-filled inspection process, and closing. And she could not have been more responsive and cheerful throughout the four months we worked with her. We cannot recommend her highly enough and would retain her again in a heartbeat to help us buy or sell a property. YOU CANNOT GO WRONG WITH JOANN!



My family has been relocated multiple times for work and have a lot of experience with various Realtors. JoAnn is simply one of the absolute best in the business. Very knowledgeable of the market and observant of the clients preferences which assisted in finding the best home for our family. Terrific personality and very pleasant. Absolutely a wonderful experience.

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JoAnn is an outstanding realtor. She has extensive knowledge of the area and expertise. She is thorough, efficient and patient. Most importantly, she really listened and focused on finding our family the right home. She is the best!



10 tough months of no sale, no hope while listed for sale with a different agency led us to search for new direction. Curious about this JoAnn with all these 5 star reviews, we interviewed & hired JoAnn Echtler. An additional category, beyond knowledge, expertise, skills, & responsiveness is needed to appreciate the work of JoAnn. Maybe call it overall effort! Her determination to work with all tools available produced a quick (while listed with her) , successful sale of our home.If you want your property listed, hire any agent. If you need your property SOLD, hire JoAnn Echtler.

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JoAnn Echtler was absolutely amazing! She helped me every step of the way-from recommending the most beneficial upgrades, to helping me find a great contractor, and especially throughout the sale-I cannot say enough wonderful things about her! JoAnn and her excellent photographer helped stage my older ranch in a way that made it look like a million bucks! She was extremely easy to contact, proactively scheduled open houses every couple of weeks, and even went out of her way to help me prepare for last minute showings. And most importantly, she got my house sold fast! I would highly recommend her to anyone in the market, and especially anyone looking to sell!



We began working with JoAnn about a year and a half ago. We had decided to sale our house and move closer to family. She helped us understand the process and took us one step at a time. It had been 14 years sine our last move. She was very patient with us and understood the emotions that go along with this life changing decision. JoAnn kept in contact with us but was not pushy. Once we were ready to purchase a house, she was right there and had everything in place. She guided us through the whole endeavor. Both the sale of our existing house and purchase of our new house went smooth. I can see that she is respected by the other professionals in her field. I feel that we were very fortunate to have selected her and would recommend her without any hesitation. Lynn DeSimone



Joann was on the ball from the beginning. She listened to our needs and responded promptly to all of our requests. When we were in panic mode (Yes, it happens) she was able to talk us off the cliff with her knowledge and expertise. Her instincts were spot on when it came to making our offer and ultimately clinched a deal to get us into our A-number one choice for a new home.



JoAnn Echtler represented me as both a buyer and seller. JoAnn and her team provided amazing support through the entire process. I would highly recommend JoAnn Echtler for any real estate needs.



Our home hunting took 8 months and JoAnn was outstanding to work with throughout that entire process. Extremely knowledgable of the area, so patient with us and very responsive to any and all of communication.We didnt just find a great realtor we made a new friend!



JoAnn Ecktler is an upmost professional in this business, and very personable to make the selling process or our home go smooth and quickly. From initial contact, pricing, staging, and follow-up throughout the sale.

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JoAnn was our true advocate during the selling and buying of our new home! She is a fierce negotiator and consistently educates her clientele throughout the process. She over exceeded any expectation we had during this intense process. She is an asset to anyone looking to buy or sell.



JoAnn helped us sell our home that we purchased with her in the past. We are loyal clients! She helped us so much with the process, she had great recommendations for contractors, and oversaw all required paperwork as we relocated. She is an amazing person and a fantastic real estate agent.



I do not want to dilute this review with a long and wordy write-up so I will get right to the point. If you decide to choose any other Realtor in the area JoAnn services you have done yourself a disservice. JoAnn is hands down the best Realtor there is PERIOD! She is prompt, responsive, extremely intelligent, knowledgeable on all aspects of the business and seriously an expert negotiator. Having an MBA from Penn State I thought I knew a thing...JoAnn is, and will be one step ahead of everything and anything that needs actioned. She is the resident expect on all aspects of buying and selling and has a solid POC for any requirement that maybe needed from an electrician to a water well driller. I could go on and on, but I want to keep it to the point...YOU WILL BE AMAZED with JoAnn...this is not an exaggerated review and I would be glad to discuss my wonderful experience with anyone considering JoAnn. Do yourself a HUGE favor and contact JoAnn, she will find what you want and shake your hand and say "I come with the house" (you won't find another Realtor to say that, she's 1 in 10MIL). With all my expectations exceeded, sincerely Leon Banta



JoAnn did an exceptional job. Provided a large list of comparables. Explained the entire process of selling an estate owned property. JoAnn's estimates were very accurate. She was able to obtain a price better than we had hoped.



JoAnn listened to what we were looking for and found us the perfect place. She not only was with us every step of the way, but on numerous occasions she went above and beyond. She far exceeded our expectations!

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Simply put, there aren't enough words to convey how truly happy we are that we found JoAnn Echtler for our real estate needs. While we went into the market blind and found JoAnn by pulling over at a for-sale sign and calling her on the phone, we feel like we lucked into finding the best realtor, hands down, in Western Pennsylvania that day. JoAnn always had our best interest in mind when we looked at homes, quickly figured out exactly what we needed/wanted in a new home, and was honest with us about how she felt a home would suit our needs when they came on the market. She never complained when we trudged through the mud to look at building lots in the rain, got stung by bees as she rescued my son from a hidden bees nest, or went into some very interesting, to say the least, homes with us that we were considered remodeling. She is extremely knowledgeable of everything from septic systems to costs of remodeling and was always willing to have an in-depth phone conversation any time of the day or night to discuss our thoughts or reservations. In addition to bearing with us while we looked through many many homes to find the perfect match, JoAnn provided us with excellent service while selling our current home. JoAnn knows the market and uses all the bells and whistles when listing your home to ensure it not only presents well, but also sells quickly. While comparable homes were taking up to 5-6 months to sell, JoAnn had us a buyer in under a week and has worked with us every step of the way to make things painless and efficient. If you are looking for an honest realtor who will acts more like a friend or family member and not a salesperson when discussing tough choices about your future home, JoAnn is exactly who you need.



I would give JoAnn more then 5 stars if possible! We were first time home buyers that didn’t fully understand the process. JoAnn stood by us every step of the way and truely represented us in the best way possible. She went the extra mile in explaining everything to us fully. I can’t forget to mention her up beat personality was a pleasure to be around. Would highly recommend!



We loved Joann. She made buying a house an enjoyable experience. She is very knowledable the the real estate field and answered all questions we had. Making and informed decision was important to us and we feel confident the right one was made.

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Without JoAnn, I would not be a homeowner! She was patient, honest, knowledgeable and an overall pleasure to work with. In an already stressful process, you need to know that you can trust your realtor and that he/she has your best interests in mind. I knew from the start that I could wholeheartedly trust JoAnn, as she is not only a realtor but a genuine friend. She guided me each step of the way to make sure I understood what I was looking for in a home and in a neighborhood, and she was an absolute godsend when it came time to negotiate. She put me in touch with a great team of people, who like her, were incredibly patient, trustworthy and top notch. I am new homeowner with very little knowledge about real estate, so having someone that knows the ins and outs was crucial for me. It was crucial to have someone who spent the time explaining everything to me, and it was crucial to have someone who understood what was within my means. JoAnn knows her stuff, and she actually taught me a lot in the process. I would never buy a property without her; I will petition to make sure she doesn't retire before I consider buying again.

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Could not of completed this process without JoAnn!! She stayed calm, cool, and collected at all times, making the process go smoothly. JoAnn always remembers qualities of a house you would like or would not like after getting to know you. I would highly suggest to contact her if looking for your future home! You will not be disappointed!

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I would never ever use a different agent!! Joann is the best!! We were so picky about everything we wanted and what we were looking for was pretty impossible to find. Not only did Joann stick with us the whole time but she found us the EXACT house we were looking for, which I didn’t even think existed anywhere. She always had time for us and I’m so glad that we not only got a beautiful, perfect home, an amazing agent, and what I consider to be a true friend.



JoAnn was so available and attentive to detail. She was a delight to be wth and we liked her cheerful personality. She was not pushy but very thorough. JoAnn is a good negotiator. She covered our walk through and closing for us. She goes the extra mile- we even had milk in the refrigerator and snacks on the counter when we arrived. We highly recommend her!



JoAnn worked so hard for me, helping me find the perfect house to call home. After house hunting on a tight timeline, she made it all come together smoothly, and eased me through the process.I will continue to recommend her to everyone as a trusted and loyal agent!



JoAnn is very knowledgeable and is a great realtor to work with. She is a very patient person. My boyfriend and I were searching for a house for awhile and it was chaos and once we got in contact with Joann she got us on the right path and 6 months later we found an amazing house that fit our needs. We were very picky and needed certain things and she stood by our side every step of the way! She’s amazing at what she does!



JoAnn did her homework when it came to checking what all other comparable housed in the area were going for. She guided me step by step on what we needed to do, and most importantly she informed me on what to expect. She was always available even when I would send her a text at 9:30 PM. she would call me right back or answer my text quickly. I will definitely refer her to friends and family next time I know someone is thinking of selling their house. She even rolled up her sleeves and helped scrub a moldy wall with bleach for me.



JoAnn is very professional and knowledgable of the area. She is not intimidated by any issues that arise and is amazingly persistent to find solutions. She is also fun to work with because of her sense of humor, which is needed during the sometimes stressful process of buying and/or selling a home! She is also aware of and responsive to the emotions involved. I would highly recommend her with complete confidence.



Having Jo Ann sell my dad's house was one of the best decisions I made. Thorough, professional, pleasant, everything went very well. Jo Ann was on top of everything, letting me know what was going on, what was going to happen next and what I needed to do in what amount of time to keep things running smoothly. In the first weekend of the listing, she was there showing the house at every opportunity. We accepted a full price offer the following Monday. I could not have asked for a better agent!

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From our first meeting with JoAnn we felt comfortable with her and confident that she had the skill and knowledge to sell our home. At our second meeting, she presented us with a detailed market analysis of homes in our area to support her recommended listing price. She made excellent suggestions for things we could do to prepare our house for showings, which we did.Her background in marketing is a wonderful asset. We were delighted with all she did to market our home from professional photographs, an active social media presence and beautiful brochures with a well written description of our home and property.JoAnn remained in regular contact with us while our house was on the market, after we signed a sales agreement and before the closing. Any time we had a question, she responded promptly and was able to answer all our questions.Selling a home and preparing to move is probably one of the most stressful life experiences. JoAnn's personality, calm presence and sales expertise turned a stressful time into an experience that we actually enjoyed. We would highly recommend her.



JoAnn is top notch and hands down the most helpful and resourceful real estate agent I've ever worked with and I've worked with several. Highly recommend!



JoAnn is the best. She is very patient and not pushy. She is a super nice lady and she is very knowledgeable about a wide array of topics. She is also super responsive and easy to talk to. I highly recommend her and am confident she will help find you a perfect home for your need.



JoAnn is the best. She was excellent in showing us the houses we were interested in and that would fit our lifestyle. She had a great amount of patience for our many questions and extremely knowledgeable. Best of all she was so very friendly.



JoAnn was incredible! Thoughout the whole process she was extremely helpful and knowledgeable. As a first time homebuyer, I had no idea what to expect. JoAnn was by my side from day one helping me with every single detail, which really helped ensure me that I was making the right decision. I look forward to working with JoAnn in the future and I would definitely recommend her to anyone who is looking to purchase a home.



JoAnn was incredibly easy to work with and has an "I can do attitude". She was not the least bit daunted by the unusual property we asked her to sell.She knew what was needed and attended to every detail to sell our home before we could count to three! Articulate, to the point, efficient, prompt, techno savvy, energetic, and trustworthy. A treasure in the real estate market?

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Joann was amazing to work with. She is very knowledgable, professional, and makes herself available to you and any questions that you may have at any time during the day. She helped us sell our starter home in just ONE DAY and also found us our new "forever home"! She always expressed her expertise and was very honest with us throughout the whole process. She makes the stress of selling/buying a home more manageable and enjoyable. I would recommend Joann to anyone for selling or buying a home!

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I don't even know where to begin. But here goes... I owned my home for nearly 25 years and thought I could sell it best. Three months into that, I went with a newly-minted realtor with a local, very established realty company that failed me miserably. That move cost me money and much time, along with the loss of the first flush of interested buyers. Back to trying to sell my now stale house myself. Don't do this. You may luck out but it's a hard way to go, for multitudes of reasons. Sometime during all of my early efforts, JoAnn Echtler came to me with a potential buyer. At that point, I had probably seen 30 realtors come through my place. As I showed JoAnn and her client the property, she truly stood out as one who knew what to look for. I listened as she pointed out things to her client that he should note (without offending the seller). She was pleasant, down to earth and obviously knew her stuff. Her client didn't buy the house but JoAnn stayed in touch with me for well over a year, checking in on my progress. She was sweet and knowledgeable without ever coming across as being overbearing or fake. She's just plain likeable. So when I decided I really had to make this thing go, she was the one I finally called. One of the BEST decisions I ever made. No exaggeration. She had my house under contract, with a back-up offer to boot in eight days. Her professionalism, coupled with her years-in-the-making knowledge of the local market, her creative background, as well as her marketing and people skills are absolutely exceptional. All of this in a small, low-key, elegant package. HIRE HER. Follow her lead, keep up your end of the process and your house will sell. She's just the best.



We loved working with JoAnn! I would hope to work with her in the future again! She was very knowledgeable and informing. And a great person too! She worked with us from the start till we made a final decision and helped us through it. She always returns calls and emails. She worked hard with all other involved parties in our transaction even though some other individuals were verychallenging to work with, but she was always consistent! We definitely recommend JoAnn and we do hope we work with her in the futur.



Oct.26, 2016. JoAnn Echtler represented our family on several real estate transactions. One job of a real estate professional is to advise their clients, communicate, and be an effective conduit in the process. JoAnn has been excellent, she remains calm, and is an excellent listener. JoAnn is patient, yet firm, and fully invests herself to represent the interests of her clients. In our most recent transaction, selling our home, JoAnn made recommendations for our preparation of the house, from the yard to the house. We worked very hard on our home, and we followed JoAnn's recommendations, and our home sold on the very first day. JoAnn will represent us again on a transaction this December, then will work with our son and daughter in law as they prepare to sell their house and find a new home. My wife and I have the utmost respect for JoAnn, and would recommend her services to anyone. Regards, Terry and Lynne Onufer



Joann is exceptional from start to finish. Very responsive, professional, and knowledgeable. Plus she is a pleasure to work with and very honest. Our house sold the first day listed due to her expertise! Our family has had a couple of experiences, both buying and selling, with Joann, and each has been great. We would not hesitate to whole heartedly recommend Joann to anyone looking to buy or sell. She's the best.



joAnn is great! She is available at any time of day or night. She makes your house a top priority, whether she is selling or buying. I recommend JoAnn 100%.



Excellent customer service! JoAnne makes time for her client's no matter the time of day. JoAnn sold my house in 3 days. JoAnn was honest and very prepared for all meetings before selling my house.100% Customer Satisfaction



JoAnn was a huge help to my wife and I while house shopping. She made the experience pain free and very easy for us first time home shoppers. I would highly recommend JoAnn to anyone looking to purchase a new home. She was very personable and kind in every step of the way. If your looking for a great experience I highly recommend hiring JoAnn as your realtor.

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JoAnn was such a delight to work with. She was with us from start to finish, answers every call, text or email, and was always one step ahead of the game. She honestly made our first home buying experience so much easier. I can't imagine doing any of it without her. We will certainly call her again the next time we are ready to buy.



I must say I am nothing but satisfied by my home buying experience with JoAnn Echtler. JoAnn is charming and professional and boasts a level of experience and knowledge that makes any first time buyer feel secure and well-informed throughout the sometimes arduous process. I highly recommend entrusting JoAnn with all your home buying needs. If I could do the whole thing over again (and who's to say I won't in the future), I'd be sure to have her in my corner. Oh, and she's a darn nice lady too!



Joann was fantastic through our whole experience. We just built a new home and Joann was very helpful when picking out all the options. She was very helpful especialy for firt time home buyers with a number of questions. She was also very professional and handled all the office work needed to ensure our closing would go as smoothly as possible. We will definetly look to Joann for future home buying or selling needs.



JoAnn was wonderful in guiding us through the listing process, helping to determine the listing price, providing guidance as we entertained multiple offers, and working with us every step of the way while the negotiations were successfully completed. She is cheerful, informative and highly professional. Through her efforts, our house was on the market only one day!

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JoAnn worked hard to get our house sold in an extremely aggressive market. She never was too busy to give a minute to my wife and I if we needed help or had a question. JoAnn is truly a great person to work with and has her clients best interests in mind at all times.



JoAnn handled the sale of my home in a very professional manner. She managed multiple negotiations simultaneously and secured a very good deal for me. She is a pleasure to work with.



JoAnn was, and continues to be extremely helpful! I am so glad that we had such a great relationship with our realtor. It made the home buying process easy and truly stress free. She was always quick to respond to a simple (or not so simple) text message. JoAnn did a WONDERFUL job of communicating to the sellers agent and keeping us up to date with any need-to-know information. I would recommend JoAnn to anyone looking for a realtor in the Mars area in a heartbeat! She is the best :)



Joann is by far the best real estate agent out there. My boyfriend and I have been working with here for the last few months. We were both impressed by her knowledge of older houses and new houses, also the knowledge she has of the septic, sewage, well water issues etc... She always dresses very professional and she always treats her clients with the up most respect. She knows her job and goes above and beyond to be the best at. she will always have your best interests in mind. I would with out a doubt recommend her to any of my friends that need a wonderful agent!!!! % across the board for me!!!!



JoAnn represented the property we purchased. She was always professional, responsive and very helpful. She always went the extra mile to answer a question or to suggest a solution. She was always easy to reach and gave us a lot of attention. I would highly recommend using JoAnn to buy or sell your home.