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A Week In the Life

So much to cover! Information changes day by day, hour by hour, and this email hopefully serves as an anchor for solid information on what is happening in the world of real estate during this unprecedented time, and how you can cope, engage or educate yourself. Here goes!

Take Your MEDS!

JoAnn, what are you saying?!

I’m saying in troubled times, first and foremost, we must take care of ourselves. How you feel on the inside is what you radiate to those on the outside.

Which means taking your MEDS:

  • Meditation – To maintain the right mindset and keep your head clear.
  • Exercise – Move your body! Don’t allow this crisis to excuse you from physical activity.
  • Diet – A lot of people (read me) will be tempted to turn to food for comfort during these times. Make sure you’re eating healthy to fuel, not fog, your body and mind.
  • Sleep – Make sure you’re getting enough sleep.

Now that we have that covered…

What’s Going on with Buyers and Sellers:

Some buyers are telling me they want to hold for now, and I’m supporting that decision while I continue to communicate and keep them aware of what’s next. Some of my clients need to sell or buy right now and we are doing that with our protocols for safety and smart marketing, virtual showings, and more. We already know when this crisis is over ( and it will be over) rates will still be low and Buyers will be ready to BUY! By instituting 3-D Tours on all new listings, Buyers can Tour Sellers homes from the comfort of their own home, which keeps the listed property in the forefront of buyers’ minds. Here is an example – can you find MOCHA by the way?

To my Buyers who would like to be in the strongest Buying position possible this Spring, I suggest you take the time to get a Fully Underwritten Pre-Approval now. This puts you in a more favorable position to the Seller, and it also guarantees a closing date by the lender. It’s a powerful Tool that could give you quite an advantage as a Buyer, and it lasts for 120 days. Contact me for more details if you are interested…

If you are contemplating selling your home, additionally right now is a great time to have me give you a Home Market Analysis and a List of ACTION ITEMS to get your home ready to list later this Spring. We can now do this Virtually with a Facetime or ZOOM Walk and Talk! Take me through your home on Video and we can discuss what to do and not do for maximum equity when you list. I am happy to provide this service to you AT ANY TIME. Just ask me!


Right now there are some interesting investment opportunities with Model Homes! The Stock Market is currently volatile, so some have asked me about investing in real estate right now. Several opportunities are available if you have interest… two I am currently aware of are:

Two model homes are available in a new community located in Harmony, PA, and in the Seneca Valley School District. This community is made up of single-family ranch-style homes and villas starting in the Upper 200’s. The models available to invest in are the Cayman and the Caicos. The Cayman is $353,175 with a monthly leaseback of $2,931.35. The Caicos is $316,505 with a monthly leaseback of $2,626.99. The deadline for offers is Monday the 30th, at 9 am. Let me know if you have an interest and I can get you all the details

Remote Notaries:

This is huge for the real estate world. A temporary notarial rule suspension to allow for remote online notarization of documents in a limited category of real estate transactions was approved by Gov. Tom Wolf this week. For residential real estate transactions, the new rule only applies to transactions that were already in process (e.g. agreement of sale completed for residential property and only final closing needs to take place). Homeowners and buyers with upcoming closings will be able to continue the process of selling and buying their homes remotely thanks to this temporary suspension, as long as title and lien letter work has been completed!

I will reach out again soon with another update on the state of the real estate market, and how it is impacting you, and our community. If you have questions ask them! I am happy to get you the answers.

As always, if you or your loved ones are experiencing difficulty getting necessities, please reach out to me at 724-713-0831 and myself or a Team Member will step in and try our best to help. Until then, please keep in touch, reach out to me with questions – and above all, stay safe.


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