Service(s) Available: Stormwater & Drainage

Contact:  Ed & Kathy Grieser

Greater Pittsburgh & Surrounding Areas

Phone:  724-719-2660
Email:  [email protected]

HydroBlox has cut it’s teeth on some of the largest drainage problems in the world.  HydroBlox has been used to stabilize slopes on pipelines, drainage on utility scale solar fields and multiple applications on professional sports fields.

The result of over 10 years of successes is HydroBlox is a simple, easy to work with product that solves the most difficult drainage problems. Many of the HydroBlox applications are backed up by third party testing. Made from recycled thermoplastics, the HydroBlox products are permanent solutions that do not clog, are easy to install and handle and require little to no maintenance. Other unique qualities are they are of high strength and are long lasting. Whether you are looking for a more efficient solution for drainage, water treatment, ground stabilization, retention/detention, or permeable paving, HydroBlox has a solution for you!

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