Find the Right Agent to Guide You Home

Your Realtor® is your representative in the transaction. Not all real estate agents are Realtors®, so it’s important you choose one who is a member of the National Association of Realtors®. Realtors® must subscribe to the Realtor® Code of Ethics as well as attend yearly state-approved education courses to maintain this certification.

Your agent will look out for your best interests by finding homes that meet your criteria, get your showings, help you write offers, and negotiate on your behalf. Most importantly, as a buyer, you do not pay for the services of a Realtor® to represent your best interests in the transaction. In almost every case, the seller will pay the buyer’s real estate agent’s commission.

A real estate agent represents you and helps you understand how to buy a house. Your agent will show you properties, write an offer letter on your behalf, and assist in negotiations. Real estate agents are local market experts and can also advise you on how much to offer for each property.

Buying a home is a complicated and emotional process. Having an experienced agent by your side can help you navigate the housing market, submit a legally sound offer, and avoid overpaying for your property.

How can you find the right real estate agent?

Begin by asking family members and friends for recommendations. Direct referrals are often the best way to get unbiased information on agents in your area.

BONUS TIP: Over 70% of my business is Referral. By doing an exceptional job for my clients, they feel comfortable staking their reputation on my ability to perform. That’s pretty powerful stuff.

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