Bacon Acres

Welcome to Bacon Acres

Once upon a time a couple met and bonded over their fascination with chickens and goats, specifically myotonic (Tennessee fainting) goats. Fast forward to the present time where Bacon Acres now sits as a little respite from their busy days and chore-filled evenings. It’s a special place, not far off the beaten path, but somehow worlds away with canopies of soaring oak trees, wildlife, walking trails, and of course, a cozy brown barn housing Buff Orpington chickens and a small yet delightful herd of fainting goats.

Let’s Meet the Herd:

Bacon Acres Pip

Meet our pack's leader, Pip!

Pip is the quiet leader of the group. First to scout out a new noise or visitor, and first to paw at you for a pet, much like a puppy. Pip has a faint score of about a 2 because SHE IS NOT SCARED OF ANYTHING! She is one bad-behind goat. She is also a jumper, a head butter when provoked, and loves to stare deep into your eyes. She is a sweetie.

Bacon Acres Layla

Meet Layla!

Layla, like all the goats at Bacon Acres, is a Myotonic Goat. That means they have a hereditary condition (actually a genetic mutation) that causes their muscles to stiffen when they get frightened or startled, and they faint. These “Fainting Goats” have a faint scale of 1-5. Layla is a FIVE. The wind blows and this girl stiffens and/or faints. She also is the only horned goat at Bacon Acres and she uses it to her advantage, bossing her goat half-siblings around as often as she can. Sometimes, she is so ornery, she gets the dreaded “pool-noodle” horn treatment!

Bacon Acres Sugar

Meet Miss Sugar!

Sugar, Sugar. Ahhhh honey, honey. Sugar is a timid powerhouse. All muscle and a beautiful caramel color, she is the first one to sniff out the snacks and the first one to take a little too much of your fingers along with her animal cracker snack! However, she is shy and sweet and is significantly bonded with her only brother and boy of the herd, Titan.

Bacon Acres Sugar

Meet Titan!

Also knick-named Lashes because he has the most lovely and long golden eyelashes and the sweetest demeanor. He is a caramel and cream love bug with a sweet temper and an even sweeter bleat. He is the only boy at Bacon Acres (besides Bryan) and he basically does whatever the ladies tell him to do. He’s one smart goat!


Meet Libby (short for Liberty)!

Bacon Acres' new mascot and let’s just call her - The Enforcer! Standing a strapping 6” tall and weighing a hefty 3.9lbs, Libby strikes fear into the hearts of all the Fainting Goats here at Bacon Acres. Truth be told, the 3,427 chipmunks who reside here also look a little rattled. Liberty of Hillsboro was born in a grand old home in Chambersburg, PA, circa 1776! The history of the home and barn was exceptionally interesting, and Libby’s personality is a testament to the stubbornly independent spirit of the era.

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